Over the years of meeting some of the smartest, most talented and creative human beings on earth just living by the water, our crew of captains and sailors, engineers, mechanics, fabricators, detailers, entrepreneurs, teachers, IT, design and photography professionals has become very, very salty.

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the biggest marine names (on some of the biggest yachts) in New England, reputable companies with decades of experience. Our clients and friends have taken us across the East Coast to some of the most beautiful yachts, marinas, harbors, pre and post parties, sunrises and sunsets one can find.

The years of first hand experience have curated our team and its experiences to help you tackle your marine issues effectively, efficiently, and professionally. We know the right person for the job.

4707 Pretty Lake Ave, Little Creek Marina, 02129

9am - 9pm




  • Nice people, Awesome services.


    ahmad khan
  • Awesome service, really great work, Solar looks factory installed, boat looks clean, engines and hull are happy - what more could you want? Keep it up UMS!


    Talha Bhatty
  • Really great working with them, my solar system is top notch, thanks!!!


    Talha Bhatty
  • These people know what they are doing. Really appreciated.


    Ahmad BP
  • DId alot of work on my boat and could not be more pleased.