OceanPlanet Energy offers dependable energy solutions for the marine environment. Our focus is on blending reliability with practicality, ensuring your voyages are powered effectively.


Consider our range of lithium and lead battery systems, designed for durability and ease. They promise improved battery life, simplified maintenance, and efficient charging intervals, all while promoting fuel efficiency.


Our solar installations are a nod to sustainable energy practices. These panels are not just about harnessing sun power; they’re also about reducing the reliance on engines or generators. Crafted for marine conditions, our solar panels are lightweight and durable. As marine solar technology evolves, we ensure our offerings remain relevant and efficient.


Choosing a panel with OceanPlanet Energy takes into account various factors: available space, traffic density, weight considerations, budget, and more. We aim to provide options that fit diverse marine needs.


Additionally, our product line extends to a variety of charging products, from High-Output Alternators to AC & DC chargers and even inverters and converters.


Design & Consulting Services


As part of your system upgrade, it may be necessary for OPE to spend some additional time assessing and designing solutions for your specific system. OPE can also provide diagrams or schematics for your system if you choose.  The consulting fee for both of these services is $200/hour.​ At this time we do not have the bandwidth to provide design and consulting services unless we are also providing the hardware.


With OceanPlanet Energy, you’re choosing a partner that values quality and understands the marine world’s unique demands. Let’s navigate the waters together.


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